Sunday, October 22, 2006

Well it ain't Rheinbeck...

but my LYS did have it's Fall sale this weekend. I picked up a few things.

The Stone Cotton in the middle was only $1 each so I thought they would be great for dishcloths. I'm also planning on using the variegated Flash for a dishcloth too. The Brittany needles were half off. They mostly had size 4 and 5 so I picked up a pair of 5s. I love the ornamentation at the top. They feel fancy. I'm going to attempt to make some fingerless gloves with the Lily Chin Grammercy. I've never used Lily Chin before so that'll be a new one to try. Last but not least, Reynolds Whiskey. I just love the name! I bought a purple skein and a yellowish green skein. Something about the yellowish green called to me for a hat. If I can pull that off, I will make my mom one out of the purple. Or maybe a Misty Garden scarf. Not sure yet.

I'm looking forward to blog reading all week as I am sure many of my favorites made it out to Rheinbeck and will have lots of yarn pron for me to drool over. Someday, I will have some Socks that Rock, someday. A girl can only dream!

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