Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Home again, home again, jigetty jig

Home again after a long weekend road trip. My mom drove up from Arkansas last Wednesday and Thursday morning we set off out west to Mount Rushmore.

We had a fun trip. We drove through the Badlands, saw lots of beautiful scenery and wildlife (including some buffalo really close on the road), and had a good time. I didn't get much knitting done because I did most of the driving but I did finish one sock on the way home.

We also did some geocaching and I got to add 3 new states to my states visited list, SD, WY, MT. I have a dream of going to all 50 states, probably the geographer in me.

October should be a busy month. We start puppy school this week and it just happens to fall on knit night so I don't know how much I'll get done over the next month. But there is going to be a Fiber Festival at one of the LYS and the Yarn Harlot is coming to KC. I'm excited about that more than anything. I drove to Wichita a year ago to see her and I'm really looking forward to her coming here.