Sunday, August 06, 2006

Warning - Picture heavy post

What have I been doing this week? Some knitting, some shopping, and making stitch markers.

A couple of years ago I jumped on the beading bandwagon. I made several things but since I'm not a big jewelery wearer, they just kind of sat around my house. After seeing a lot of cute stitch markers on knitting blogs, I thought, hey, I can do that! So I broke out the ol' bead stash and set to work. I had never wrapped wire before because believe it or not, I am a 29 yo woman without pierced ears and had never made earrings before. My first wire wrapping is not great as you can see (or not with the crappy pics) with the purple stitch markers but by the time I got to the blue ones, I think I got better.

Purple Stitch markers

Blue Heart Stitch markers

Blue Stitch markers

I still have castonitis as well. I have continued to make progress on the second sock for my mom on the circs but have also started some socks for me on my new Crystal Palace Bamboo needles size 2.

As well as a hat for me...

And a scarf. I ripped the scarf out and redid it bc I swear that the pattern was only for 1 skein but was much longer. I think I am still casting on too many stitches or using too large of needles so I think it will be frogged again in the near future.

Since it has been over 100 degrees F here everyday, I have also managed to clean out my makeup drawer (some of that stuff has been in there since college I think) and do a little shopping during our tax free weekend. Wouldn't you know that the AC at the mall was on the fritz and everyone around here has been hot tempered including DH and myself. I can't wait for cool weather. I'm dreaming of sweaters and wool socks.

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Melissa said...

Good job on the stitch markers. I love the blue ones.