Sunday, August 27, 2006

I knit therefore I am

Okay, so I didn't knit a lot but at least I got back into the groove. I made my DH a couple of dishcloths, Grandma's favorite and a Missouri one.

I decided to attend a local knitting group that I had seen posted a few times on Knitter's Review forums in a town a little north of me. I popped into the Starbucks there and there were 2 knitters already present (Hi Holly!.) They made me feel very welcome and it was really nice to knit with someone again and be able to just hang our and knitspeak for a couple of hours. The group usually meets every other Thursday night but won't meet for another month due to vacation plans. I am definately going to try and go again. No word yet on if my other knitting group is going to reconvene after Labor Day.

Thursday night I was able to finish up the leg of my second sock on circs and have begun the heel flap. Once again, my socks don't match. (he he) They are a gift for my mom so I hope she doesn't care that much.

I still have yet to finish my OSSP knitted item. It was supposed to be there by the end of August; I have a feeling I am going to miss that deadline. I never heard if she even received my second package so I doubt she's waiting by the door for the third. I haven't joined any more swaps and I'm not sure if I will. I liked this one, but I just don't have time to knit as much as some others so I feel bad when I can't make a deadline.


Melissa said...

Thanks for the link to the state dishcloths. So cute! :)
I only have one swap left to complete the package and then I think I might stop for a while myself.

alliesw said...

Swaps! Great but stressful (for me, anyway). I do just one, and that's perfect. Glad you're back to knitting--just do what's FUN for you!