Sunday, April 02, 2006

Newbie Moment

Hehe, this is so funny I have to show someone. I know I should be ashamed but oh well. Today I wound my first ball of yarn by hand. Usually when I buy yarn I just use the winder and swift at my LYS. They show us how and we can use it for free. I picked up some new needles somewhere else today and thought I would get started on my Sophie purse but forgot I needed to wind the yarn into a ball. Here's my attempt. Guess I'm asking for a ball winder for my birthday!


Nessie Noodle said...

I don't have a winder so I usually take the lable and us it as the middle of the ball, then start winding around from there... If it is a large skien I get hubby to hold it while I wind so it doesn't tangle or put it on the back of a dining room chair.. works great for me!
happy winding!

Jeanne said...

After I spent about an hour trying to ball recycled sari yarn, I got a swift and a ball winder - definitely the best thing I've bought for my knitting.

mf said...

a ball winder is a great investment but gets loney without a swift.... I hope you get one soon.... I've actually used kitchen utensils when I was away from home to wind yarn into center pull balls... the handle of a spatula works wonders