Monday, September 03, 2007

Happy Camper

I spent part of my long weekend catching up on podcasts and getting back into knitting. I finished another Missouri dishcloth and worked on a sock that has been on the needles forever. I also listened to the more recent episodes of Cast-On and got my knitting badges.

Woe is me that I never got to be a brownie or a girl scout or go to camp as a child. Those are things that I feel I really did miss out on. Girl bonding type things. When I was around the age for those activities I was being skirted to the country by a single mom working the graveyard shift to make ends meet so those types of things didn't fit into our lives. I don't have any real true female friends that I feel I can call when I need a shoulder to cry on and sometimes I wonder if that is why.
Anyway, I am now happy to have my Cast-On badges and to be a member of a happy scouting group. Check out Brenda's podcast and website and you can join too.

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