Saturday, August 25, 2007

Cute and cuddly

A lot of bloggers have pics of their cute and cuddly cats and dogs on their websites. I really enjoy the cat/kitten pics. We however, are the proud owners of two parrots. Cute and cuddly they are not. But they are very entertaining and playful. They talk, they mimic everything, sometimes they even talk back. They can call us by name, they greet us when we get home from work with "Hello" and they always tell us goodnight. Sometimes they even talk to each other. These are my kids and although I can't really cuddle with them and occasionally get bit, I love them all the same.

Hector, a 7 year old African Grey

Jasper, a 6 year old Blue-Fronted Amazon

Hector's favorite sayings:
See you later alligator.
Anybody home?
Time to go night night.
Night boys.
No bite.
Be good.
Hi boys.
Get in your cage.
Shut up.
We'll be back.
Booga booga.
Lots of different whistles.
Mimicking anything that makes noise: the telephone, microwave, birds outside, trucks backing up, phone dialing

Jasper's favorite sayings:

Hi Jasper.
Hi Hector.
Are you okay?
What do you want?
Watcha doin?
No bite.

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