Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Yarn Swiftiness

I made a yarn swift!! Actually, my husband helped a little :-).

I have been wanting a yarn swift and ball winder for a while now. I tend to buy yarn and not use it right away and then I need to wind it. I've tried hand winding yarn and it was disasterous (see previous posts.)

Last Sunday I found this post by Bronte at Confessions of a Graveyard Gypsy. Knitting Badger made her a yarn swift from these directions. I thought, hey, I can do that! So that was our 4th of July project. It's not very pretty, but it seems functional. You can see it's a little off balanced from the pic but we are going to pick up another washer and wing nut for the top to try and sturdy it up a little.

Now all I need is a ballwinder! he he he


Kimberly said...

Great job! I may just have to follow your example. I've been needing a swift for ages!! :)

Melissa said...

Awesome! Looks like it's as good as store-bought.

Knitcrazy said...

Thats so cool..
I printed out the same swift and Hubby was going to " help" me but then I got saw a used one and he said Buy it..LOL
I got the ball winder already :)
Also a used one but like new...

anne said...

It looks good. I am glad you have found my link and hope you have enjoyed your swift! :)

donna said...