Sunday, June 18, 2006

Ain't Nuthin' But a G-thing baby!

Graduation that is. My husband (finally!) had his graduation this week. My mom came up for the ceremony and spent the weekend with us. Alas, I got very little knitting done. I was sad when she left to today so I partook in some retail therapy. Picked up some new summer skirts in hot pink and bright blue. I am working on the I-cord straps for Sophie and then it's all over but the felting. Hopefully I'll have something new to post next weekend.

One interesting thing did happen on Friday morning. There were 3 young raccoons out in the yard. This is very odd because I live in the suburbs. We have a small wooded area nearby and have seen baby deer once but that's all. I managed to snap a few pics before they left the area.

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Melissa said...

Congrats to hubby! Love the raccooons!