Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Knitting Shock

I am in knitting shock. I mentioned in a previous post that my knitting group has taken a summer hiatus. I was sad about this but have moved on dreaming about the wonderful things I will make in the fall when we reconvene. There are a few other LYS in the area and I thought it might be fun to take a class at one of them since they offer a lot of project oriented classes and my knitting group was more of a "do what you want with teacher's help" kind of thing. So I found a class that looked interesting to me, Socks on Two Circs, and went to sign up this afternoon. The class was advertised at $35 plus supplies. So I'm thinking I need to buy the circs and I already have some sock yarn laying around, I'll spend $50 or so. Wrong!! I endend up spending much more because there was also a required pattern book for the class and the circs were expensive from the shop. It was almost double what I expected for it all.

I think it was such a shock because I have been spoiled in knitting so far. I have kept to small projects requiring no more than a skein or two of yarn and using the same bamboo needles for most projects. I just don't buy expensive yarns or accessories. My husband was unemployed until two weeks ago so I kept my knitting purchases in check.

The whole way home I kept telling myself that the cost would be justified because I could use the needles for years to come (they are my first Addi turbos!) and the skills I learn in the class will be worth it. The pattern book...not so sure that one isn't going to end up on ebay in a month.


Mz Mar said...

I hope that you enjoy your sock class! The addi's are wonderful needles so you should get your money's worth out of them. Too bad they made you buy a pattern book too~~but like you said you probably can sell it later!

Melissa said...

That sucks! But I'm jealous of learning socks on two circs and the Addis. I love the Addis.

Ariannah Armstrong said...

So sad to hear how much you wound up spending!

Btw, one of my favorite sites for teaching me to knit on 2 circulars (and 1 for that matter) is

They'd be good to look at while you wait for your class to begin.