Saturday, March 25, 2006

If I ever finish this sock...

I'm going to make a second one. Drat!

Actually, I've enjoyed knitting my first sock for the most part. I think it has pushed me past newbie status more than any other project I have done. As you can see in the photo, I have successfully turned the heel. This was done with the help of the internet as well as a pattern I had to decipher. Prior to this experience, I was never very good at patterns. I don't know how to sew. In high school I refused to take home ec as a liberated woman and joined FBLA. Now I wish I had taken home ec and the computer classes.

I have also learned how to pick up dropped stitches with this sock. I hope you can't see my many mistakes from the photos but let me tell you, I got plenty of practice picking those little suckers up. And it was always like 15 rows back that I noticed the mistake.

I really hope my second sock turns out much better than my first. For those that asked, the yarn is called Crazy Cotton color #89 from Schachenmayr nomotta. It's a German fingering weight 100% cotton yarn.

On a lighter note, I added some new yarn to my stash which is growing by leaps and bounds and at the moment has no home. It's hanging out on the daybed in the spare bedroom. I try to keep my husband out of the room so he doesn't see all of the yarn and freak out when I come home with more. Which I usually do about once a week.

I picked the Snuggly up on sale and think it would be great for baby boy socks. It's a nylon acrylic blend. Only problem is that I only know 1 person with a baby boy and she lives in Georgia. By the time I get the socks made the kid may be off to college.

The Serenade I also got on sale. (I'm too cheap to buy full price yarn as you might have noticed.) I really love the colors in it. I only bought two skeins and am not sure what I will make with it. There is a pattern for a one skein scarf on the label so I thought about doing that and a matching hat.


Jeanne said...

Your sock looks beautiful; I started making socks last year, and now I'm completely addicted. I love the yarn - I haven't knit socks with cotton - do you like working with it?

Sue said...

Your sock is looking really good! Keep at it - you will be flying along on them in no time. I just started knitting socks in January and am now totally HOOKED! I have three different pairs on needles right now and knit a little on each every day. One day soon I'll be able to post about them all finally being completed! I've never knit with cotton for socks as I'm hooked on wool. I'd be interested to know how the cotton wears (when you are done) and how they wash up.