Saturday, May 02, 2009

Spring Fling Recap

The Loopy Ewe Spring Fling was last weekend and I had so much fun! Here is my recap.

I rolled in on Thursday afternoon about 2pm and entered the lobby of the hotel to see a bunch of knitters, which was awesome. I didn't know anyone so I just plopped myself on the floor by some people and started talking to them. Now I'm not that outgoing but I knew beforehand that I was going to make an effort to meet new people and have a good time. Luckily I sat down by Diane and Susie and made some new friends. Turns out my roommate Jaci, whom I didn't know either, was there as well so I got to meet her too. She was the best roomie ever! Cupcakes were also delivered by Leslie and Laura that afternoon. Thursday we ate dinner on our own and had a dessert reception. We just hung out and knit over the course of the evening. I had my own little rockstar moment when Cookie A. walked through the lobby!

Friday was my class day. I had a Cookie sock design class in the morning and Anne Hanson's beginning lace in the afternoon. I could go on and on about my classes but I will just say that I felt I was in the presence of greatness.

Cookie is awesome and energetic and I was just basking in her presence. I love all of her sock designs and couldn't believe I got to take a class with her. We even designed our own sock which I hope to actually knit someday. I even got to hold the Monkey sock. It was like going to Graceland! Diane and Sara had the same schedule as me so I had some friends in my classes as well and that made it even more fabulous.

Anne Hanson is so down to earth. She designs beautiful patterns especially for lace. Her class was designed to get us knitting lace and then ask her any questions we had as we went along. I had the least amount of experience using charts in the class but now I am a lot more comfortable with them. After meeting Anne I want to knit everything she has written. I've even downloaded a few patterns to get me started in the near future.

Friday night was dinner on our own again and knitting time. I also got to see some spinning on wheels and drop spindle. While I think it looks cool, I really don't need another hobby. I barely have time to knit as it is!

Saturday morning was my trip to the fabulous Loopy Ewe. It was unbelievable and I bought a ton of yarn as well as some other fun things like a t-shirt and sock Peacock. I went a little over my budget that I had planned but I think it was all worth it. It was awesome to get to touch the yarn in person. My roomie Jaci was so overwhelmed she started to cry but it was sweet.

Lots of picture taking was done and before we knew it we were headed back to the hotel. Saturday afternoon and evening was just more knitting and socializing fun. I met several indie dyers that I like including Allen of Numma Numma. That night we had some giveaways by TLE and the wonderful Claudia who dyes Wollmeise.

Sunday morning was brunch and then goodbyes. I actually got to sit with Wendy Johnson at brunch which was cool since I didn't have a chance to take her class. She has some awesome toe-up patterns I like.
When it was time to go it was sad so I had to cut out kind of early because I didn't want to be too emotional. I loved meeting all of my new knitting friends and knitting rockstars!

Susie Diane, Sarah, Jaci

I hope I get to go again next year!