Saturday, April 19, 2008

Socks Rock

PS3 Fire socks completed!
Pattern: Yarn Harlot's generic sock pattern from Knitting Rules
Yarn: Trekking XXL

These socks were my quickest knit socks so far. They are a little snug so I don't know if I will keep them or give them away. They have some ladders in a few places so I'm not sure if I am comfortable giving them to anyone. I thought about my mom but the colors may be a bit bright for her.

Monkey socks on the needles. I started the Monkey socks last weekend after finishing the PS3 socks. So far I'm really liking them. This is my first time to knit with Koigu and now I know what all of the fuss is about. I'm definitely going to try and make these socks fit me.

There has been a lot of sock yarn stash enhancement over the last few weeks.

Happy Feet

Shibui Knits

And my very first ....SOCKS THAT ROCK

Can't wait to knit with the Socks that Rock!