Saturday, June 23, 2007

Home and Garden improvement

Saturday the hubby and I went down to a really nice nursery near our house, Heartland Nursery. We picked up this bird bath that I had looked at previously when he was out of town.

We also found these cool glow in the dark garden decorations. I love how this one looks like a planet and this one looks like the man in the moon. They glow with solar light. It'll be interesting to see them glow as the already hot summer goes on. One of my favorite things about our house is that we can sit in the backyard on a summer's eve and just enjoy it. The duplex we rented previously was directly against the interstate and if you sat out back you got blown away by the wind and noise.

We've also been doing some small home improvements. See my new dining room chandelier. Much better than the old brass one. I like the pineapple motif.

There has been some knitting off and on. I'm trying to reread all of the Harry Potter books before book 7 comes out in July. I'm on book 5 and making headway to book 6.

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