Saturday, February 10, 2007


So I've been MIA for the better part of this year. First there was bad weather, then the belated honeymoon to Disney World (only took us a little over two years), my collapse into the World of Warcraft, then more bad weather. And the job. My boss got promoted and then I got a new boss and then I got a lot more responsibility. I haven't technically been given a promotion yet but they left it dangling like a carrot. If I do well over the next few months hopefully I will be the next to get promoted.

So for now I am not knitting, not blogging, playing too much WOW and working a lot. Hopefully I'll get back into knitting this Spring. Oh yea, when I'm not trying to buy a house. I got my Spring IK and it was inspiring although I'm not sure I like the new format.

So for those few readers I have, I am gone but have not forgotten. I will return when life is a little less crazy.

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