Sunday, December 24, 2006

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas!

I finished my Christmas knitting. I didn't knit much this year, just a few hats, a pair of socks and some dishcloths. Last year I gave everyone handknitted scarves and it didn't seem like they were appreciated much so I thought this year I wouldn't stress out over it.

Last weekend we traveled to Arkansas to have Christmas with my family. Tonight we have Christmas with DH's dad and then tomorrow it's over to his mom's side of the family. The joy of divorced parents. We have to make plans to see four sets of people. I hope I don't ever have to worry about that in my future. One of the reasons my DH and I dated four years before getting married is because we didn't want to make sure we were sure we wanted to be together.

On to the pics!

The London Beanies

Mom's socks

Plush hat

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Theresa said...

That's the secret - knitting for those who appreciate it! And who wouldn't love those hats or socks?